Since 2014, the Martinez family has participated in the Zambia Medical Mission (ZMM), an effort that provides medical assistance to Zambians and was founded by former ACU faculty member – the late Dr. Kelly Hamby and his wife Eleanor.

The team is comprised of American and Zambian volunteers and medical professionals that provide a wide range of screenings and evaluations from cervical cancer, dental and vision, to wound care.  Medical equipment lending, pharmacy, spiritual counseling, and wellness classes are also provided.

Shan Martinez, ACU librarian, explained that it was her daughter Brynn who first expressed an interest to help Zambians who live in remote rural areas.  After learning about the need and ZMM mission, Shan and Brynn’s sister, Jade, felt a calling to serve too.  “We help thousands of people a day.  Our assigned duties in triage, clinic preparation, registration and pharmacy assist in organizing and providing accurate medication labeling and distribution.  The experience was so rewarding, that we repeated the trip in 2015 and are planning to go again this summer,” says Martinez.

Martinez explained that in order to  prepare for the two-week trip, they raise money for travel expenses by posting fliers at their church and mail fundraising appeals to their family and friends.  Martinez shares, “We ask for jobs that we can do to raise the money.  Thanks to support from friends and family, and our hard work performing odd jobs like cleaning houses, cooking meals, and mowing grass, we’ve been able to go to Zambia and help the Zambia Medical Mission.”

Many Zambians walk for miles to be seen by a ZMM doctor or dentist.  Last year, over 14,000 people were served during the summer clinic.  Martinez explains in a video, “People of all ages and backgrounds come together in Zambia to be Jesus to the most vulnerable people.”  Click here to learn how you can support the Zambia Mission Team.