The ACU Maker Lab will be buzzing with excitement during the month of June because it is hosting its annual Maker Academy for 4th through 8th grade students. This is becoming a tradition that young makers look forward to every summer. The Maker Lab is hosting three sessions with twenty young makers enrolled in each.

Students in the Maker Academy will learn to use a wide variety of tools from a simple hammer and nails, to the laser cutter. Projects planned for this year include designing boats, building and flying tetrahedral kites, wiring desk lamps and soldering together a small portable stereo speaker. These young makers keep coming back year after year because they love to learn and they enjoy the hands-on culture of the Maker Lab. Over one-third of students enrolled in this year’s camps are coming back for the second or third year in a row.

Enrollment for this year’s camps are filled up and closed, but we invite parents to check out our website, see photos from last year’s camp and sign up on our email list to receive updates for future events. The website address is