Jasmine Hoover joined the ACU Library in August 2015.  During her time here she supported new ways to visualize information, expanding our use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software on the campus and use of technology in the Innovation Foundry. Jasmine was also supported development of an Open Access Policy for the university that has recently been voted on and approved.  She served as our librarian liaison to the sciences and engineering departments, and spent many hours answering reference questions for students and faculty across all departments in the university. Her husband Zach served as an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Biology.

Jasmine will be moving to Cape Breton University in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, where she will assume the role of Science and Technology Librarian.  Her spirit of service and friendliness has blessed us and she will be missed.


Jana Davis has long emphasized helping students, faculty and staff with their information needs, and she has always done it with a genuine smile. Jana is retiring after 28 years at ACU Brown Library, where she has worked in the areas of Government Documents, Circulation and Technical Services.  During her time here, she made a significant impact to the library in roles of billing, pricing, materials processing, coding, and the automation of book cataloging.  Jana was honored as ACU’s Staff Member of the Year in 1992 and at age 54 she attended graduate school at Texas Woman’s University and graduated as a Catalog Librarian, which was a difficult feat considering the summer curriculum and commute.

Shan Martinez, fellow cataloger, reflected on her colleague’s career: “Jana has trained student employees, managed the workflow, and cataloged all kinds of material. She has an amazing memory; knows why things were done a certain way back in the day and when it was changed and remembers the people who came and went in this library. Jana is one of our memory keepers. She will be missed.”