Join us in the ACU Maker Lab Thursday, April 5 from 3-7 p.m. for 2018 Maker Fest. We’re excited to share a free day of interactive maker workshops and exhibits offering software and tool demonstrations, show and tell presentations and hands on activities. We have a number of opportunities for you to be involved, including:

Presentation at the Maker Fest WorkshopYou or your group can share a 20 minute presentation by demonstrating how your project was made and how it operates. (presentations and Q&A scheduled by the half hour, 3-7 p.m.)


Present at the Maker Fest ExhibitWe encourage individuals, groups, schools and organizations to exhibit interactive and live demonstrations from 3-7 p.m.  (table and area provided)

Exhibit examples – 3D Printing, Alternative Energy and Sustainability, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Electronics, Art & Design, Bicycles, Computers & Mobile Crafts, DIY Robots, Rockets, RC Vehicles and Drones, Engineering, Fabrication, Fiber Arts & Textile, Food & Beverage, Homemade Board Games and Game Pieces, Kinetic Art, Large-Scale Art Pieces, Photography & Video, Puppets, Kites, and Other Whimsical Creations, Science, Biology/Biotech, and Chemistry Projects, Unusual Tools or Machines, Wearables

We appreciate the opportunity to include you in the 2018 Maker Fest!  For more information or to register, contact