In an effort to newly furnish the Library Union and promote individual and small-group study, the library sought the help of ACU interior design students to volunteer their time in designing a table that would support both comfortable collaboration and focused productivity. Sophomores Andrea Stone, Arleth Alvarez, Liz Wong, Madison Meenan, Marilyn Salazar, Myra Castillo, Sydney Dawson, and Taihja Tribble accepted the challenge, split up into two teams, and now call ACU Library their first client.  Madison Meenan explains, “The table project was an eye opening experience of working with a client for the first time, sharing ideas and collaborating to develop a meaningful product.”

Designs were developed through the use of drafting and design applications called SketchUp and AutoCAD.  The CNC router in the ACU Maker Lab was also used to make furniture by hand.

The Sled Table, seen in the picture below, was the design selected by the library for construction of five large work surfaces in the Library Union.  Andrea Shone shares, “It is rewarding to see tables situated on the 3rd floor of the library that our team designed, and students using them for study.”

Left: Andrea Shone (team leader), Right: Madison Meenan (team leader)