Going Strong after Thirty-Five Years 

Since being formed in 1984, ACU Press has released or acquired 528 titles, with more than 450 currently in print. Before 2005, the Press primarily sold its books to 17 bookstores and a network of about eighty churches, mostly affiliated with the Stone-Campbell Movement. Through some key staffing changes, the Press expanded its market reach significantly. 

Current Distribution Our books are being sold worldwide through Amazon as well through its own website along with over 100 other online stores servicing various customer bases. Every quarter, the Press presents books to sales representatives that seek to place our books in bookstores worldwide as well as major distributors such as Wal-Mart, Sam’s, Books-a-Million, Barnes & Noble, and Mardel stores. Over 300 universities, colleges, and seminaries have bought titles directly from ACU Press to be used by faculty/staff and for course adoptions. ACU Press currently has published authors from over 50 colleges and universities including Duke University, Wheaton College, University of Notre Dame, University of Chicago, and Baylor University. Over 510 churches have bought directly from ACUP in the last four years from various denominations other than Churches of Christ, including Baptist, Methodist, Christian Church, Lutheran, Catholic, Presbyterian, Church of God, and various community and non-denominational churches. 

Important Milestones In 2010, the Press became a full member of the Association of University Presses and is one of only seven university presses affiliated with a faith-based institution (and the only full member of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities). In 2019, ACUP joined the Evangelical Christian Publishing Association to increase our networking and ability to attract quality authors.

This Year’s Catalog: Looking Inward

This season, as our world wrestles with violence, we invite you to look at our 2019-2020 Catalog. You will see that our academic titles call for a return to peaceable discourse and the need to respect the religious freedom of all.  We also highlight the importance of honoring a religious heritage while at the same time critiquing it. Finally, we consider the challenge of politics and the danger of over allegiance to any political party.

Our popular, trade titles point to the need for spiritual balance, meditation, and trusting in an unseen God, even when circumstances are difficult or oppressive. We live in times that call for bravery, leadership, and focused attention on weightier matters of faith along with a concern for the least of these. We’re proud to present this list to you, and we’re hopeful that you’ll read, enjoy, and partner with us in creating a better future.

Our newest release is Set Free (pictured at the right). If you would like to order this book at a 20 percent discount, use the discount code: NovBrownLibrary.