On September 1, Brown Library licensed the Taylor & Francis Social Science and Humanities journals package, and is also connecting with ACU deans and department chairs in seeking faculty book and monograph requests. James Wiser, Dean of Educational Technology and Library Services, shares, “Improving the library’s collections is a strategic goal — perhaps our most strategic goal — in supporting the current teaching and research needs of our faculty. We now have access to journal packages from the six largest academic journal publishers (Elsevier, SpringerNature, Wiley, SAGE, Taylor & Francis, and Oxford University Press) and are on our way to strengthening our book collections too. As ACU continues to evolve into an emerging national university, the library’s collections will need to reflect that new reality.” 

The journals package can be accessed at https://www.tandfonline.com/ and consists of more than 1,450 full-text journals in several disciplines, including education, business, communication, criminology, counseling, psychology, and more.