AAMFT Leadership Conference

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While students were enjoying a spring break from classes, ACU professor, Dr. Sara Blakeslee traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in the AAMFT Leadership Conference. This annual event is typically limited to AAMFT leadership and division leaders representing each state, but four invitations were extended to Minority Fellowship Program alumni as well. The purpose of this is to keep MFP alum involved and allow their voice to be heard. In addition, one of the goals for AAMFT for the weekend was to convey to lawmakers the need to keep the same level of funding for the SAMHSA Minority Fellowship Program in a political climate of budget cutbacks.

Dr. Blakeslee attended meetings discussing the needs of clinical associates and student members. One full day was devoted to lobbying for MFT interests, and Dr. Blakeslee joined with TAMFT president James Morris to visit with Texas Senators John Cornyn and  Kay Bailey Hutchison about MFT interests. Topics of discussion include asking for support for including MFTs in Medicare (Senate bill S604 and two upcoming House bills), maintaining the same level of funding for the MFP, and modifying statute language to allow MFTs to work in schools as counselors.

The big topic of discussion at the Conference was the proposed change of  member categories. This proposal would allow members of other counseling professions to be members at different levels. The vote for this proposal will be held in the spring. If you would like to read more about the proposed changes or participate in a discussion about it, you can find more information on the AAMFT website here.

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