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Ladies and Gentlemen, The Class of 2010

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Friday, August 6 was a special day for the seventeen individuals who walked across the graduation stage proudly receiving their Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. For these graduating students, the event signified not only their academic accomplishments, but the end of two year journey.

These individual’s busy time in the MFT program was filled with classes, papers, projects, numerous client hours, internships, and many other activities which not only challenged them academically, but allowed them to grow in faith, camaraderie, and integrity. Four graduates are continuing their academic work at various PhD programs across the country (Brigham Young University, University Georgia, Texas Women’s University, Texas Tech University), while others are finding jobs in Abilene and beyond. We wish continued blessings for our MFT class of 2010. Stay in touch, friends!

Dr. Jackie Halstead: Honoring Her Departure

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The annual MFT graduation banquet is the one night a year when students, faculty, staff, and friends gather to recognize graduating students and all those who help accomplish the great things happening in the program. This year’s banquet, held last Thursday, August 5, was bittersweet for the MFT family as they said goodbye to Department Chair, Dr. Jackie Halstead and honored her for her service and dedication to the program.

Dr. Halstead has been an important part of ACU’s MFT program serving as a professor for 12 years and as Department Chair for the last 5 years. She has mentored numerous graduates with wisdom and her distinctively calm spirit. Dr. Halstead and her family are moving to Nashville, Tennessee where she has taken a position as Associate Director and Associate Professor of Spiritual FormationĀ at Lipscomb University’s Institute for Christian Spirituality. While we will miss them greatly, we wish the Halstead’s continued blessings as they move into a new chapter of life.

Watch the video from the 2010 graduation banquet:

Dr. Halstead’s Departure