Sanctify Hip-Hop Company 2013 Production

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On April 5th and 6th, Sanctify Hip-Hop Company performed their final show of the year in the Amphitheater, marking ACU’s first outside dance production. Sanctify wowed a crowd of more than 350 people with their 14 electrifying numbers. The event also featured performances by Omega Dance Company, Shades Step Squad, and Christian rap groups No Face and E5.

No Face’s Darren Hagood also gave a spoken word performance, which provided a message of empowerment and encouragement to the crowd. According to Sanctity’s Head Captain, Jacob Kilpatrick, the show was dedicated to two of its members, Rebekah Cherniss and Deanna Romero, who were involved in the tragic car accident this past January, which claimed the lives of two young people. Sanctify is excited for the new school year, and Jacob is quoted as saying that both Rebekah and Deanna “are excited to be a part of the next production in the fall”.

Sanctify Hip-Hop Company is a dance group committed to “redeeming the image of hip-hop by using our passion for dance to spread the love of our savior, who is Christ.” Sanctify in its short time on campus, has had a huge impact on the culture of ACU, having performed on several occasions in a long list of venues.

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