SHADES Spring 2013 Show “Reminiscing the ‘90s”

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On April 19-20, 2013 the sounds of clapping, stomping, music and familiar tunes could be heard in the Royce and Pam Money Recreational Center. Utilizing music from favorite television shows of the 1990’s was the inspiration for the SHADES production “Reminiscing the ‘90s.” The audience heard familiar tunes such as the theme song to television shows Friends, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and the Magic School Bus.  Members of the step squad connected to the popular music from their youth, and also invited the audience to reminisce their childhood!

2012-2013 captain of the SHADES Step Squad, and now alumni of ACU, Victoria Jones stated, “having events like this not only displays the talent that is very prominent on ACUs campus but it allows everyone the opportunity to be part of what we do. By enjoying the entertainment and interacting with the members of the team, others get to experience what we do in a new way.”  Angie Nsumbu, Lieutenant Captain of the step squad stated, “SHADES loves to take diverse themes and make them something original and entertaining for the whole family . . . You better believe that the intermission is just as entertaining as the acts; you won’t want to leave your seat. The event builds and builds all year.”

SHADES Step Squad has been on ACU’s campus for over a decade, and their members bring a unique quality of diversity. This multicultural student organization brings diversity to campus by exhibiting a form of expression through stepping. Stepping involves rhythmic movement that uses both the hands and feet. The organization’s legacy includes winning step competition’s featuring prominent fraternities and sororities, hosting productions, and staying connected to the community by coordinating after school programs that embody stepping.

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