Sundaes on Mondays

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Sundaes on Mondays is a signature event by the Office of Multicultural Enrichment that was created to provide a place for students to discuss controversial topics related to race and culture. Entering into college, students begin to meet peers from all over the world and these encounters provide exciting opportunities to learn of other places and backgrounds.

These new encounters often provoke questions about cultural experiences and groups that are different from one’s own. The Office of Multicultural Enrichment embraces these questions and differences by providing a place to gain understanding of various cultures. Topics have included discussing student’s cultural values as well as current events. The concept of Sundaes on Mondays comes from the idea that if the topic gets too hot, students can cool down with ice cream. Sundaes on Mondays is a great opportunity to meet peers from across the world and discuss culture. We have some exciting topics for Fall 2013, so be on the look out for our monthly Sundaes on Monday’s events!

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