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Thank you for your support to our students through your gifts to their Spring Break Campaigns. Here are a few things to know as a donor to ACU’s Spring Break Campaigns.

While the Spring Break campaigns are guided with the help of the Student Life office, they are student organized and student led.  When student’s solicit support individually and a person responds, because the person is designating their check for the use of that individual, the IRS does not consider it a tax deductible gift.  (Reference IRS Pub 526 under “Contributions you can not deduct”  For this reason, our legal council has advised that Spring Break campaign checks are not tax deductible gifts to ACU.

Sending Support???

You can mail checks directly to:
Spring Break Campaigns
c/o Jen Rogers
ACU Box 27867 Abilene, TX 79699-7867

Make sure to mark the campaigner’s name in the memo line on the check.


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