Resharing a Post: “Ask the Chefs: Permanent Change?”

One of my favorite scholarly communication blogs, The Scholarly Kitchen, published a blog post about the types of possible permanent changes that will stick around after the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s interesting to think about the future and what it will look like post-pandemic. Specifically in the schol-comm world, I hope we will continue to see open access becoming the default, making it easier to share and build upon the research of others.

Personally, I hope life will remain a bit slower-paced. While I do miss getting to go out and be with friends, I have enjoyed doing more things around the house, and having the free time to relax and read a book or play a board game (or go to bed at 7:30… if I want to!)

We all have things we have certainly missed during this pandemic – what things have you enjoyed and hope stick around?