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Ready, Set, Wait

by   |  11.09.17  |  Sermons

ACU’s Graduate Chapel, November 8, 2017

Ready, Set, Wait (Mt. 25:1-13)

Every generation believes Christ will come again in their lifetime. On October 2, 1982, many waited for Christ’s return on a mountain. They had sold their lands, quit their jobs, and traveled to the site hoping for the clouds to part. I didn’t hold much stock in the predictions. Instead, I got married on that day hoping for a full-life right here on earth. Every generation, there are some who believe Christ will come in our lifetime and some who will go about their daily business. Our generation is no exception. I believe it is natural for me to expect Jesus to come at any time. The sooner the better — Come Lord Jesus! But each generation to date has had to deal with the problem in the delay in the second coming. Even the NT gives evidence of a belief that Christians had that he would come soon. There was wavering on the part of some because of the delay. More »