WordPress Support

(*Feel free to delete this page when you don’t need it anymore.)

Student portfolio blogs are now running on WordPress 3.2. Most users will never need to know this, but here is a quick overview of new features and the Twenty Eleven theme.

One new addition to managing your blog is the WordPress iOS app for iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. The following video walks you through key features of the app. See below for a download link and setup instructions.

To add your first blog to the app, follow these setup instructions.
  1. Install the WordPress app
  2. From the app homescreen, choose the “Add self-hosted WordPress blog” option
  3. In the URL field, type “https://blogs.acu.edu”  (*the “s” in “https” is important)
  4. In Username and Password fields, type your MyACU login username and password
  5. After saving, select each of the blogs you want to manage using the app

For more videos tutorials and support pages, visit the ACU Blogs student portfolio site or come by the Learning Studio lab during regular staff hours.