Big Spring, Texas, Church of Christ, ca. 1935

Here is the meetinghouse of the Church of Christ in Big Spring, Texas, 1935, as it appeared during the ministry of Forrest R. Waldrop.

In my experience, interior photographs are rarer than exterior shots.  At least in the archival contexts in which I have worked contained far more snapshots of the church building than the inside.  Usually we do not think to photograph our most sacred places (unless a classroom wing is added or it was time for a new directory).

Interior views capture a sense of the space in which congregations met for worship, for instruction, for inspiration.  In these spaces they performed their most sacred rituals, read from their most sacred texts, oriented and reoriented their lives.  Worship, marriage ceremonies, funeral services, passing on their faith to their children and engaging and serving their neighbors: all of this and more occurred weekly at meetinghouses across the US and the globe.

How does the space in which you worship shape your worship?  How does your worship shape the space you create in which to assemble, or teach, or serve?



#tbt from ACU Special Collections: Cammie McKeever Lawrence, ca. late 1880s

This hand-colored and embellished late 19th century image of Cammie McKeever Lawrence was donated to Center for Restoration Studies in 1992.  Cammie was a  great-niece of Alexander Campbell.  The McKeever family was active in the earliest educational efforts of the Campbell reform movement.  Here is Cammie’s page on Find-A-Grave.