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God & Country

You can’t turn on the news without becoming aware that things aren’t going so well in the good ole USA. What’s worse, it seems that those who lead us can’t agree on how to change things.

While politicians frame the debate as rich vs. poor, big business vs. the middle class, or Republican vs. Democrat, there is another conflict that reflects a much deeper divide in American culture—a conflict that, if resolved, could bring our nation together to address the issues that fill the airways. And what is that conflict? Watch God & Country to find out.

Part One: “In Search of a Conscience” – Romans 2:14-15 – (Andy Stanley)

Part Two:  “Law & All” – Deuteronomy 8, Proverbs 30:8 – (Andy Stanley)

Music CD Tracklist: Burn for You – Fee, Glorious – Todd Fields, Lift High – Eddie Kirkland, Salvation’s Chorus – Todd Fields

He’s Still* Got the Whole World in His Hands

How do we remain hopeful in a world that seems hopelessly broken?

How do we continue to trust a God that seems conspicuously absent?

How do we find peace in a world that is spinning out of control?

If you’ve ever asked QUESTIONS like these, youre not alone . . . and you’re not the first. Why? Because UNCERTAINTY is nothing new. And the uncertainty we face today is no different from the uncertainty faced by the men and women of the Bible. And, like them, we are left to question Gods faithfulness, his presence, his concern. But in the end, they, like us, were reminded that . . . He’s Still* Got the Whole World in His Hands.

Part One: “Nothing New” – Mark 14:17-26, Romans 8:28 – (Andy Stanley)

Part Two: “Pray Until the Peace Comes” – Philippians 4:4-7 – (Andy Stanley)

Part Three: “Hope” – Romans 8:20, 26-30, 33-39, Psalm 33:22 – (Andy Stanley)

Music CD Tracklist: All Because of Jesus – Fee,  It Is Well – Todd Fields, Breathe On Me – Todd Fields, Jesus Reigns – Seth Condrey, Hands of the Healer – Eddie Kirkland

Why Worry

WORRY. It’s universal. Its as much a part of life as breathing. Yet Jesus said, Don’t. Don’t worry! Easier said than done. In this series, Andy explores what Jesus had to say about this important topic.

You’ll discover where worry comes from, why it’s so difficult to overcome, and what you can do to conquer it. Andy guides us through an Old Testament story about a man who was challenged with a single question—a question that brought a new perspective to his worries. That question may be the key to overcoming worry in your life as well!

Part One: “Devotion Emotion” – Matthew 6:25-34 – (Andy Stanley)

Part Two: “Switching Sides” – Matthew 6: 28-34 – (Andy Stanley)

Part Three: “Now and Then” – 1 Kings 19:1-19 – (Andy Stanley)

Music CD Tracklist: “Let Me Sing” – Todd Fields, “Glorious One” – Fee, “Wonderful The Love” – Ryan Stuart, “Lead Me To The Cross” – Cori Moon, “Everything” – Ryan Stuart


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