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Faith Café is a Sunday school and small group experience specially brewed to instill community, authenticity, spiritual formation and service in your group. Each lesson includes extra features to help you make the most of your group’s time together. Designed for an intimate coffee house experience, Faith Café is the perfect way for adults of all ages to connect to God and other believers.

Faith Café is packed with special ingredients…

  • Enter helps you disengage from life’s distractions and focus on God’s Word by beginning each week with phrases, stories, and questions that will get you thinking and talking about how this week’s topic relates to you.
  • Consider It provides quotations from a variety of writers, thinkers, and performers. These quotes have been selected to ignite further reflection as you discuss each week’s topic.
  • Drink highlights relevant portions of Scripture to help you gain a better understanding of truth while inspiring you to hear, learn about, and obey God more fully.
  • Savor delivers tastes of both fictional and real-life stories that will encourage you on your journey into a deeper relationship with Jesus.
  • Look Into It is the ideal place to go if you find that one week on a particular topic just isn’t enough. This section offers Web sites, books, and other suggestions for further research.
  • Experience continues to immerse you in the topic for the week through the use interesting quotes, illustrations, and statistics.
  • Walk supplies straightforward but creative suggestions on how to share the truth you’ve explored with those who aren’t in your group. In addition, you’ll be given an invitation to experience God’s truth as you explore spiritual disciplines such as silence, worship, study, and journaling. By practicing these disciplines both with your group and on your own, your heavenly Father will guide you toward spiritual transformation.

For a taste of all these ingredients in action, take a look at this sample lesson from our Fall 2007 study of idolatry.

Each Faith Café lesson is founded upon One Accord’s commitment to God’s word.

Faith Café brings the coffeehouse to your home, church, or small group with a gourmet blend of Scripture, inspiration, and insight. To order your free sampler lesson, visit our online store today!

Season One

Episodes 14-26. Inward. Upward. Outward. (Participants and Leaders Guides)

Season Two

Episides 1-13. Segments on The Least of These: Who We Forget (Leader’s Guide)

Episodes 14-26. Segments on The Apostle’s Creed: What We Believe (Leader’s Guide)

Episodes 27-39. Segments on: We Are Unique. What They Believe (Participants Guide)

Episodes 40-52. Jesus the Rebel. Who We Follow. (Participants Guide)


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