Social Justice Student Groups

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ACU for the International Rescue Committee:     ACU for the IRC serves resettled refugees in Abilene by working with the local IRC office to do service projects, cultural events, and mentoring/English teaching. ACU for the IRC holds donation drives each semester and hosts Thanksgiving and Easter events for refugee families. The organization also maintains a presence in the ACU Social Justice Network.

Fair Trade ACU:     Fair Trade ACU promotes economic justice through educating consumers about the impact of their daily purchases and educating people about how they can participate in the global movement to address poverty in the Global South.

International Justice Mission:   The ACU IJM Chapter was established in 1999 as the first IJM Campus Chapter. We are a group of students who are concerned about issues of injustice and who desire to work together as advocates for the oppressed in a world of suffering.

We partner with IJM in three ways:

1. Raising our voices on behalf of victims of injustice through prayer and advocacy.

2. Raising awareness on the ACU campus, and in Abilene, of the reality of oppression in our world.

3. Raising support to enable IJM to rescue more victims of oppression.

International Justice Mission is a human rights agency that secures justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression. IJM lawyers, investigators and aftercare professionals work with local governments to ensure victim rescue, to prosecute perpetrators and to strengthen the community and civic factors that promote functioning public justice systems.

IJM holds chapel every Thursday in ADMIN Room 219. We run various campaigns every year that sometimes change. This past fall we held Socks and Ramen campaign that focused on impacting the homeless around Abilene. Our biggest event of the year takes place each spring and is called Justice Week. We have various chapel speakers and forums through the week. We have concerts, a prayer tent, and other mis. activities.

Locavores: The ACU Locavores exist to promote the health, environmental, social, and spiritual benefits of locally-grown food, and to participate in sustainable, small-scale agricultural systems.

Red Thread Movement:   The Red Thread Movement is a student initiative to combat sexual slavery by raising awareness and funds. We sell $3 Red Thread bracelets made by girls in Nepal and plan events to advocate for anti-trafficking withing the United States and worldwide. 

Wishing Well:     Wishing Well is a grassroots student organization that raises money to build wells in various locations around the world. So far, we have provided funding for wells dug or purification systems installed in Ghana, Afghanistan, Haiti, and Sudan. Through various events and concerts, and through partnering with other student groups, we hope to continue to raise funds and awareness in order to fight against the lack of access to clean water throughout the world.


  1. ali ft
    8:27 am, 06.20.20

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    • guest
      11:18 pm, 04.19.21

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  2. ahmad
    1:07 am, 01.06.21

    یکی از کاربردی ترین تجهیزات برای حمل و نقل و نگهداری و چیدمان بشکه های فلزی، پلاستیکی و چوبی پالت بشکه می باشد که دارای بدنه فلزی بوده و در سطح نسبتا بالایی از مقاومت قرار دارند. این پالت ها قابلیت نصب به صورت چند طبقه بر روی یکدیگر را دارا می باشند و باعث میشوند تا حداکثر استفاده از را از محیط داخلی انبار داشته باشید.

  3. Wishing Well is a grassroots student organization that raises money to build wells in various locations around the world. So far, we have provided funding for wells dug or purification systems installed in Ghana, Afghanistan, Haiti, and Sudan.

  4. قیمت طراحی سایت
    6:02 am, 02.06.21

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  5. rezvane
    4:52 am, 02.18.21

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  6. The ACU Locavores exist to promote the health, environmental, social, and spiritual benefits of locally-grown food, and to participate in sustainable, small-scale agricultural systems.

  7. shokaran
    7:15 am, 03.05.21

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    4:49 am, 04.10.21

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