This is home page for the Joint Spring 2014 Meeting of the Texas Sections of the APS, AAPT, and Zone 13 of the SPS from March 20-22 at Abilene Christian University.

The Texas Sections of APS and AAPT  in conjunction with Abilene Christian University, are proud to present 3 excellent plenary sessions.  These sessions are broken into:

  • Friday Morning – The Future of Energy Using a Global Perspective
  • Friday Afternoon – The Future of Physics
  • Saturday Morning – The Future of Optics Using a Quantum Approach

More information regarding the plenary sessions may be found on the Keynote Speakers page.

Students interested in finding a career in physics will want to attend the Career Pathways Toolbox Workshop presented by Dr. Toni Sauncy, and scheduled for Friday evening (pre-registration required!).  The National SPS office will provide $50 in travel expenses for the first 50 students who pre-register at the career pathways website.

Spring 14 Program


This site is under construction.  For more information about the meeting you may contact Dr. Mike Sadler (sadlerm@acu.edu) or Dr. Jess Dowdy (jtd10a@acu.edu).

21 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Tom O'Kuma

    What is the headquarters hotel and are their alternative hotels?

    • Dr. Mike Sadler


    • Mike Sadler

      There is no official headuqarters hotel. The plenary speakers are staying at the Residence Inn, but there are several hotels near ACU, most of which are on Interstate 20 that is just north of campus.

  2. Michael Hendrix

    I am a student with no presentation, but would like to attend the conference. How do I get admission?

    • Tim Head


      Go to the Registration link at the top of this page and follow the link to register through APS. Otherwise, there will be on-site registration.

      If you are interested in attending the Career Pathways Toolbox workshop, please also follow the link on that page for separate registration so that the organizers know the correct quantity of materials to bring.

  3. Mary Jo Bolster

    Can you please tell us about registration costs for member and non-members? I am not a member of either APS or AAPT or the Texas affiliates. Is the only way to learn registration costs to actually register? I am a teacher and would like pricing information to share with my high school and school district, so that I can request travel funds from my organization.

    • Jess Dowdy

      Mary Jo:
      First thank you for your interest. The cost for each individual depends on the type of registration. As a public school teacher your cost should be $20 for registration by March 7, and $25 on site the days of the conference after that March 7. The fee for the banquet is $30 but is not available unless you register by March 7. Your question has let us recognize that we needed to put the cost on the registration page. You can also print out a list of participants, and the form from the registration page and fax it to the number on the printed registration page. Thank you, and we plan to see you all!

  4. kenneth krieger

    Hi, I am part of the south Texas health physics society and our organization offers a free science teachers workshop to teachers concerning nuclear information and technology. please see the web site http://www.stc-hps.org/scienceteacher.htm
    I was wondering how I can get this information to your attendees? can I attend or send info? thanks

  5. Mark Russell

    I Am a recent Alumni of SFA and would like to attend the conference I missed the deadline for registering online may register at the event and is if so how is will payment be made at the event.

    • Mike Sadler

      You may register on site and pay by check. A form (with prices) is available under the registration tab.

  6. Mayisha Zeb Nakib

    Hi, I submitted a poster abstract as an undergraduate student and have not yet received any information on whether or not it was accepted. I searched through my inbox and found perhaps it is because I forgot to register for the conference! I will do so at the conference since I can no longer register online. Would I still be able to present my poster?


  7. Patricia Martinez

    Hello, I am a graduate student who have submitted a presentation abstract for this conference and I have no received any information weather my talk was accepted or not. Could you please inform me if my abstract was accepted?
    Thank you

  8. Darshan Desai

    Hi, I have submitted an abstract for oral presentation. May I know if my abstract has been accepted? Thanks.

  9. Mark Stone

    Where are the workshops being held? Where do we pick up our registration packets?

    • Mike Sadler

      Registration and all sessions are at the Hunter Welcome Center, first building to the right upon entering the ACU campus at the main entrance from Judge Ely Boulevard. Workshops will be held at the new engineering and physics labs and “Maker Space” in the ACU Library. Directions will be available at registration.

      There was a delay due in getting the late abstracts from the APS office (due to the March meeting and inclement weather in DC) . They are in hand as of this morning and the final program will be available soon.

  10. Charles Rogers

    When will the final program be available? Need to make travel plans, and see if our abstract was accepted.


  11. Mike Sadler

    The sorted abstracts have been returned to APS. Everyone should receive notification of the schedule for their presentation.