Robert Hargraves

Hargraves_RobertAbstract:   Low-cost, clean energy can help solve many world problems, from global warming to overpopulation to GDP stagnation. Nuclear power can be such an energy source, but the costs of solid fuel reactors continue to rise. Needed energy cost innovation may arise from a new technology — liquid fuel nuclear reactors.

Short Biography:  Dr. Robert Hargraves is a study leader at Dartmouth ILEAD. He was chief information officer at Boston Scientific Corporation and previously a senior consultant with Arthur D. Little. He founded a computer software firm, DTSS Incorporated, while at Dartmouth College where he was assistant professor of mathematics and associate director of the computation center. He graduated from Brown University (Ph.D. Physics) and Dartmouth College (A.B. Mathematics and Physics). Dr. Hargraves is the author of the book THORIUM: energy cheaper than coal. He promotes the “Aim High!” vision of a world energy future powered by Thorium and liquid-fluoride reactors. He is the co-author of the American Scientist article “Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors” and teaches energy policy at Dartmouth’s Institute for Lifelong Education.