Toni Sauncy

Workshop Title: Get to work! – The Careers Toolbox for Physics Students

Abstract: On average, 40% of all physics majors opt to enter the workforce after graduation,sauncy2012 but the default focus of many departments is on preparing students for grad school. AIP undertook an NSF-funded research effort to understand, compile and disseminate effective practices for preparing undergraduate physics students to enter the STEM workforce upon graduation. The project entailed site visits to eight schools with strong records of students entering STEM fields and examination of widely available and generalized career resources. We have identified a set of curricular and extracurricular common features that may improve efforts to recruit and retain students and transition students into the workforce and developed a robust set of insightful resources for students. In this workshop students (and mentors) will work through a set of custom tailored career tools, including networking techniques, interviewing and job hunting techniques with the heart of the work focused on a careful assessment of knowledge and skills  and developing an effective, skills-based resume.

Short Biography: 

Toni Sauncy is director of the Society of Physics Students (SPS) and Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honor society at the American Institute of Physics. She received the BS in Mathematics, and then MS and PhD in Physics at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. In addition to her experience in academic settings as a teaching assistant, instructor, research mentor and professor, she held a number of non-academic jobs, including hard contact lens cutter, retail
sales associate, arts and crafts teacher, bartender, plastics manufacturing technician and high school math tutor. She has devoted her professional career to the undergraduate physics community with a focus on undergraduate student professional development, leadership and service. Having found her passion, her work with undergraduate physics students is not likely to change anytime soon.