OUR Grants

The Office of Undergraduate Research provides internal grants to support the research and research-related travel of undergraduate students at ACU.

Undergraduate Research Grants aim to encourage participation of undergraduate students in faculty-mentored summer research projects. Applications are accepted in January each year. Applications may be accessed on the ORSP website.


Undergraduate Research Travel Grants provide funding for both undergraduate research students and faculty mentors to travel to a conference to present and/or showcase scholarship.

Faculty mentor travel grants are for those who mentor undergraduate researchers. Mentors may apply for up to $1000 to either:
1) accompany undergraduate students presenting scholarship at a conference or showcase
2) present scholarship in which undergraduate students assisted in the work.
For more information visit OUR Faculty Travel Grants. Applications can be accessed here.

Faculty may also apply for up to $1000 on behalf of their undergraduate students. These grants are for up to $1000 per project. For projects with more than one student, a group can decide whether to send one representative student or divide the award and send more than one presenter.

For more information visit OUR Student Travel Grants. Applications can be accessed here.

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