Deadlines Approach for Summer Undergrad Opportunities

Application deadlines are coming soon for the following undergraduate research opportunities:

  • REU, National Weather Center, U of Oklahoma; app dline Feb 18, 2019
  • REU, Multiscale Sensing Activation and Imaging, Iowa State U; app dline Feb 22, 2019
  • Internship, Robert Akerley Anthropology Collections, Denver Museum of Nature and Science (students in anthropology or archaeology preferred); app dline Feb 28, 2019
  • Research Assistant Internships, American Institutes for Research (for students in computer science, public health, and the social sciences); app dline Feb 28, 2019
  • Heritage Documentation Programs, National Park Service; app dline Mar 1, 2019
  • EERE Robotics Internships; app dline Mar 5, 2019
  • Historic Sites Internship, Macon County [IL] Conservation District; app dline Mar 7, 2019
  • REU, The Bioarchaeology of Bronze Age Social Systems, U of South Alabama/Quinnipiac U; app dline Mar 23, 2019
  • Internship, Getty Fossil Preparation Lab, Denver Museum of Nature and Science (students in earth and life sciences preferred); app dline Mar 29, 2019
  • Internship, San Francisco Jazz Organization; app dline Mar 31, 2019
  • Research Internships, Institute for Women’s Policy Research; apps accepted on a rolling basis
  • Internship, Native American Science, Denver Museum of Nature and Science (for Alaskan Native, Native American, and Pacific Islander undergrads); open until filled