OUR Student Travel Grants

The OUR Student Travel Grant is for travel by ACU undergraduate students to give oral or poster presentations, juried shows or performances at external conferences or competitions.

These grants are for up to $1000 per project. Faculty mentors are allowed to apply for travel grants for more than one project on behalf of students. For any one project, you can decide whether to send one representative student or divide the award and send more than one presenter.

If you receive this grant you will be expected to send pictures of the student presenting to uresearch@acu.edu.

While students are not required to travel with an ACU faculty member to the funded conference, an ACU faculty member must apply on behalf of the student. Any awarded funds will be transferred to a departmental FOAP provided by the faculty member on the budget page. The department then can pay for the expenses or reimburse the faculty member or student as appropriate.

The Fall grant cycle is valid for travel to conferences from September 1 –  February 14, Spring for January 1 – May 31, and Summer for June 1  – September 30.

  • Applications for September may be submitted in either Summer or Fall; applications for January 1 – February 14 may be submitted in either Fall or Spring.
  • If funds remain available, applications for funding events from previous cycles will be considered when pre-conference applications are not possible.

Scoring criteria for grant awards can be seen in the OUR Student Travel Grant Rubric.

To apply visit OUR Student Travel Grants Application.

Applications for faculty travel must be submitted separately; for more information visit: OUR Faculty Travel Grants