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Every spring semester, ACU hosts the Undergraduate Research Festival. And 2020 is no exception! This year’s Virtual Undergraduate Research Festival provides an online opportunity for students to engage in both poster and oral presentations in the Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM. Prizes will be awarded to outstanding presentations and faculty mentors! 

2020 Virtual URF Program.pdf


Monday, April 13th – Friday, April 17th


Sample Narrated Presentations


Sample Poster Presentations


‘Images of Aging’ Finalists




Outstanding Presentation Awards!


Research Mentors of the Year!



A special thanks to…

…the co-sponsors of the Undergraduate Research Festival

The Honors College

The Pruett Gerontology Center

The Office of Undergraduate Research

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

…the Faculty Director of Undergraduate Research

Joshua Brokaw

…the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Megan Roth and Karla Perkins

…the University Undergraduate Research Council

…the ACU Undergraduate Scholars Panel

…the Undergraduate Research Festival Planning Committee

…our many presentation judges from across the university



Sponsors of the 2020 ACU VIRTUAL Undergraduate Research Festival


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