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Kason Hart (’10) | Electronic Media

by   |  08.23.11  |  Journalism & Mass Communication

Kason Hart ('10)B.S. in Electronic Media
(Houston, Texas)

Kason Hart says that his JMC internship prepared him with direction and experience to work in a competitive industry. “Getting your foot into the sports media world seems to be the hardest part, and I believe working for the USOC this summer gave me great experience and knowledge for what God has in store for me in my career.”

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Marie Dufitumukiza (’11) | Biology, Pre-medical, Honors

by   |  08.03.11  |  Biology, Health Professions, Honors

Marie DufitumukizaBiology major, Pre-medical, Honors student
(Abilene, Texas)

Some people pursue a career in medicine because they’re interested in helping others. Some choose the medical field with an eye to profit. Some are simply fascinated with the intricate workings of the human body.

And then there are a handful who have experienced a life-threatening illness and recovered – and they want to give back.

Honors student Marie Dufitumukiza is one of them.

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