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Ryan Flores (’15) | Biology , Pre-medical

by   |  04.04.12  |  Biology

Biology major, Pre-medical
from Spring, Texas

The first few years of Ryan Flores’ life were rough, but a kidney transplant and a childhood battle with cancer have not stopped him from living his life with a purpose – giving back.

Ryan was born with two damaged kidneys, one of which did not work at all. When he was 16 months old his father gave him one of his kidneys. The surgery was flawless, but anti-rejection medicines after the transplant lowered Ryan’s immune system so much that he developed Stage IV Lymphoma. Ryan defeated the cancer, and the result was a healthy body and a strong resolve.

“I definitely have a soft heart for people who are dealing with transplants or cancer, or know a loved one dealing with them,” Ryan says. “It is something so hard for your family to deal with, and just love and support make that much of a difference. My drive comes from my second chance at life and what I have been able to do being a transplant recipient and cancer survivor.” More »

Alison (Tetrick ’06) Starnes | Biochemistry

by   |  11.28.11  |  Biology, Nutrition

Biochemistry (Molecular Biology) with a minor in Nutrition
(Redding, Calif.)

When Alison Starnes goes to work in the morning, she isn’t heading to an office cubicle. She’s strapping on a helmet and checking her equipment, her mind on the next race, the next competition, the next win.

Alison is a nationally ranked professional cyclist. She’s a member of Peanut Butter & Co.’s TWENTY 12 professional women’s cycling team and a member of the USA National Team. More »

Marie Dufitumukiza (’11) | Biology, Pre-medical, Honors

by   |  08.03.11  |  Biology, Health Professions, Honors

Marie DufitumukizaBiology major, Pre-medical, Honors student
(Abilene, Texas)

Some people pursue a career in medicine because they’re interested in helping others. Some choose the medical field with an eye to profit. Some are simply fascinated with the intricate workings of the human body.

And then there are a handful who have experienced a life-threatening illness and recovered – and they want to give back.

Honors student Marie Dufitumukiza is one of them.

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Abby (Trejo ’09) Rice | Biology, Pre-medical, Honors

by   |  01.20.11  |  Biology, Health Professions, Honors

Abby (Trejo '09) Rice

B.A. in Biology, Honors student
Pursuing Master of Physician Assistant Studies, University of North Texas Health Science Center (Fort Worth, Texas)

Not only are people around the world diverse, so are their diseases.

Senior biology major Abby Trejo made that discovery during summer internships in Ghana and Guatemala, where she worked at an orphanage and helped with mobile medical clinics taking health care to villagers in remote locations.

This pre-med student used these experiences as part of her capstone project for the Honors College, comparing the diseases she encountered in those developing countries with illnesses she sees working at an Abilene hospital.

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Brittany Armenta (‘12) | Biology, Pre-medical

by   |  01.19.11  |  Biology, Health Professions

Brittany Armenta ('12)

Biology major, Pre-medical
(The Woodlands, Texas)

Someday Brittany Armenta wants to work with kids who have cancer. As a pediatric oncologist, she’ll walk into a hospital or a clinic every day and face children whose lives have been turned upside down by a disease they don’t fully understand. She’ll deal with the pain of parents and relatives who can’t fathom why their child is so terribly sick. She’ll grieve for the patients she loses and rejoice with the ones who recover. But through it all, she will be heeding a summons she heard years ago.

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