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Adam Carpenter (’12) l Finance, Management

by   |  09.14.11  |  Athletics, Business

Adam CarpenterFinance and Management major
(Little Rock, Arkansas)

The immense success ACU athletes find on the field is equaled only by their prowess in the classroom. Wildcat golf star Adam Carpenter is one of the twenty student athletes with 4.0 grade point averages who made the 2010-11 Lone Star Conference Commissioner’s Honor Roll – more than any other school in the conference. Count ACU Athletic Director Jared Mosley among those touting the success of his scholarly Wildcats.

“Our coaches do an outstanding job of recruiting student-athletes who fit the academic profile of the institution,” Mosley said. “They work extremely hard to find not only those that are athletically gifted in their particular sport, but they truly seek to find students who will fit in at ACU and benefit from the education they will receive here.” More »

Chris Norton (’10) | Management

by   |  06.29.11  |  Business

Chris NortonB.B.A. in Management
Owner, Enchilada Express (Abilene, Texas)

With a bit of hard work and a big appetite for success, ACU graduate Chris Norton (’10) took a business plan he created for an ACU entrepreneurship class and used it to change his life.

Chris created the business plan for a Mexican food delivery company while taking a class in ACU’s College of Business Administration. After graduating, he took his ideas into the real world to start Abilene’s Enchilada Express.

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E.J. Johnson IV (’11) | Marketing

by   |  05.20.11  |  Business

E.J. Johnson IVMarketing major
(Frisco, Texas)

The spirit of community is important to E.J. Johnson. So when he came to ACU, he jumped right in – both at the university and in the larger Abilene community.

“I think the college student impact in the community is vital,” he says. “I believe for other youth to see and interact with college youth can be a powerful and life-changing experience.”

E.J.’s passion is fostering multicultural understanding.

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Jenni Burks (’11) | Accounting, Finance

by   |  01.20.11  |  Business

Jenni Burks ('11)

Accounting and Finance major
(Weatherford, Texas)

Jenni Burks says ACU has prepared her for so much more than she expected. “Here I have been taught about values, ethics and beliefs… ACU has prepared me on how to be the same person at home, church and at work.”

Q&A with Jenni

Did you always want to have a career in business?

I always knew I would be involved in the business industry somehow. However, I didn’t always know it would be accounting.

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Jason Huang (’12) | Information Systems, Finance

by   |  01.20.11  |  Business, Technology

Jason Huang ('12)

Information Systems and Finance major
(Hong Kong, China)

Jason Huang came to Abilene from Hong Kong 3 1/2 years ago as an international student. Almost immediately he began to see ACU’s influence in the city and community.

The host family he lived with for two years was headed by two ACU professors, Ted and Ellen Presley. Jason enrolled at Abilene Christian High School. He attended University Church of Christ, which sits on the street corner across from ACU and whose congregation includes many ACU professors, faculty and students. Many of his friends at church went to ACU and talked about what was happening on campus. Jason liked the university and the town, and decided to stay.

“It’s a great environment,” he said. “This is the place where I want to grow.”

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Brad Neathery (’11) | Marketing

by   |  01.20.11  |  Business

Brad Neathery ('11)

Marketing major
(Coppell, Texas)

As a rule, most college students don’t get home plate tickets to the Rangers game every week. They don’t talk to sports celebrities like Colt McCoy or Cole Green, or run into Randy White when they’re coming out of the office. If they design anything, it’s probably not for presentations to Chevrolet, National Geographic or Ford.

As an intern at Fox Sports Southwest this summer, Brad Neathery was an exception to that rule.

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Brandon Bartee (’06) | Financial Management

by   |  01.20.11  |  Business

Brandon Bartee ('06)

B.B.A. in Financial Management
Pursuing L.L.M. in Law & Entrepreneurship at Duke University (Durham, North Carolina)

Brandon Bartee was happy to have his name associated with ACU and its College of Business Administration when he applied to the new Law & Entrepreneurship L.L.M. program at Duke University Law School.

“While ACU may seem like a small school, its reputation is much more expansive than the city of Abilene, or the state of Texas for that matter,” says Brandon.  “No matter where I go, it seems as though everyone knows someone who went to ACU. And in the context of applying to graduate or professional school, or even a job, ACU graduates are regarded as very successful.”

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Caitlin Winegeart (’11) | Master of Accountancy

by   |  01.19.11  |  Business

Caitlin Winegeart ('11)

Master of Accountancy student
(Abilene, Texas)

Extracurricular activities: Women In Business, SALT, Life Group
Favorite course: Leadership Summit
You might also like to know: I’m a twin!

Caitlin Winegeart’s internship at Wal-Mart’s headquarters last summer has paid off nicely with a job waiting for her when she completes her Master of Accountancy degree in May.

“I once heard it said that not everyone is comfortable walking into a church building, but everyone goes to work. With this in mind, there is no better mission field than the workplace.”

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