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Adam Awtrey (’10) | Biochemistry

by   |  04.20.12  |  Chemistry

Major: Biochemistry (Pre-Dental)
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

For some people, the word “dentist” means having teeth examined and cleanings done, an hour-long session of gentle prodding with shiny steel instruments. For others, it means the difference between a toothless, gaping smile and a healthy mouth. Adam Awtrey is prepared to work with both ends of the spectrum – and everybody in between. More »

Jade Jung (’11) | Chemistry, Honors

by   |  06.14.11  |  Chemistry, Health Professions, Honors

Jade Jung ('11)

Chemistry major, Honors student
(Busan, South Korea)



Growing up with an autistic sister fostered in Jade Jung (’11) an interest in research. And growing up with a father and grandfather who are both physicians created in her a desire to enter the medical field.

Jade, a senior chemistry major, hopes to focus on both as she enters medical school in the fall to become a medical researcher.

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Ryan Carstens (’09) | Chemistry

by   |  01.20.11  |  Chemistry

Ryan Carstens ('09)

B.S. in Chemistry
Pursuing Ph.D. in Immunology at University of Texas – Southwestern Medical Center (Dallas, Texas)

The opportunity to participate in a research project as a freshman at ACU changed the course of Ryan Carstens’ future.

Ryan thought he wanted to become a doctor when he came to ACU. He began his freshman year as a pre-med student and started taking the required classes.

It took him only one semester to find out this wasn’t what he wanted to do with his life. He took his problem to Dr. Brian Cavitt, chemistry professor, who suggested that maybe Ryan would be happier doing research in a lab setting and offered to let him work on a research project as a trial run. Ryan was hooked.

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David Kempe (’12) | Biochemistry, Pre-medical, Honors

by   |  01.20.11  |  Chemistry, Health Professions, Honors

David Kempe ('12)

Biochemistry major, Pre-medical, Honors student
(Tulsa, Oklahoma)

David Kempe knew he wanted to do something related to biochemistry since he was a kid. He always thought he wanted to be a doctor like his father, a cardiovascular surgeon. As he grew older and began to have more opportunities to explore science, his fascination with chemistry deepened.

“It was something that I always loved,” he said.

In high school, his favorite classes included AP Chemistry, infectious diseases and genetics. David also discovered he was a math person who liked things to be “nice and concrete.” He found that chemistry made him think about science in entirely new ways.

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