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Jamie Stephen (’09) | Speech Pathology

by   |  05.02.12  |  Communication Sciences

Speech pathologist on the brain injury team, Institute for Rehabilitation and Research in Houston

When Jamie Stephen came to ACU, she knew she was interested in the medical field but was unsure which direction to take. Then she discovered speech pathology and realized she’d found a calling.

“It was a good way to be involved in the medical field, but to have lots of options as well,” she said.

Jamie currently works at the Institute for Rehabilitation and Research in Houston as a speech pathologist. She’s primarily concerned with in-patient rehabilitation, working with six or seven patients at a time. Since she’s on the brain injury team, she sees many stroke patients and patients who have sustained traumatic brain injuries. More »

Chelsey Brumbaugh (’13) | Speech Pathology

by   |  01.20.11  |  Communication Sciences

Chelsey Brumbaugh ('13)

Speech Pathology major
(Lewisville, Texas)

Chelsey Brumbaugh expected to find academic excellence at ACU, but she also got a few surprises during her freshman year.

“ACU’s diverse student body has definitely opened my eyes,” she says. “When I am surrounded by students from literally all over the world, I am constantly reminded of the expanse of God’s creation. He made each and every one at ACU and loves each of us with an unfailing love no matter what race, gender or culture. I love having that reminder every day I’m on campus.”

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