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Braid Blanks (’04) | Communication

by   |  05.09.12  |  Communication, Journalism & Mass Communication

B.A. in Communication, 2004
Minor in Broadcast Journalism

“I was born to communicate,” says Braid (Sharp ’04) Blanks. “I can’t remember not expressing myself or having the desire to share with others and listen as they shared with me.”

Now, as news anchor of Abilene’s KTXS-TV, she communicates on a daily basis – and gets paid for it.

“It is always rewarding to hear people say they appreciate the effort that goes into telling a fair and balanced story,” Blanks says. “Knowing they recognize and appreciate that makes all the work, and sometimes frustration, worth it. Aside from that, it’s also rewarding to be able to tell friends and family in my hometown what’s going on around us.” More »

Samuel Palomares (’11) | Communication

by   |  01.20.11  |  Communication

Samuel Palomares ('11)

Communication major, Students’ Association executive president
(Elsa, Texas)

From a high school mission trip in Mexico to building his parents’ church in South Texas, Samuel Palomares has seen the thread drawing him to Abilene.

Numerous threads, actually. Purple, emblazoned with an interlocking logo of three white letters: ACU.

“At every major moment in my life, there have been ACU people helping us along the way, praying for us,” Samuel said.

It started during his freshman year of high school, when Samuel, living in the South Texas town of Elsa, volunteered to be the interpreter for a mission trip to Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico, sponsored by the Austin-based Westover Hills Church of Christ.

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