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Lindsey Winegeart (’10) | International Studies, Political Science

by   |  01.20.11  |  Foreign Languages, Political Science

Lindsey Winegeart ('10)

International Studies major, Political Science minor
(Abilene, Texas)

“My ACU experience has shaped my faith in many ways. When you start to become more independent, your faith must become more of your own as well. ACU has allowed me to take ownership of my spiritual life.”

Spending part of her childhood in Germany instilled in Lindsey Winegeart a desire to promote intercultural understanding. As an international studies major at ACU, she has found numerous outlets to develop that interest.

Many of those opportunities have come through ACU’s Service Learning program, which incorporates volunteer work into the curriculum. Students gain real-world experiences that enhance their academic learning while providing a tangible benefit for the community.

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Kendra Gregory (’10) | Environmental Science, Spanish, Honors

by   |  01.20.11  |  Ag & Environmental Sciences, Foreign Languages, Honors

Kendra Gregory ('10)

B.S. in Environmental Science, B.S. in Spanish, Honors student
Pursuing M.S. in Plant Breeding at Texas A&M University (College Station, Texas)

As a young child, Kendra Gregory loved to play in the dirt.

“The joke when I was two was, ‘you’re going to be a geologist,’ because I would collect all these rocks and I would constantly play in the dirt and soil,” the junior Honors student recalls. She also played a game she called “growing crops. I’m not kidding, I would transplant plants for fun,” she said.

Even so, Kendra was surprised she ended up in the agriculture department at ACU studying environmental science. After all, she was a city girl who grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh with a father who is in computer marketing and a mother who is a registered nurse.

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Adrienne Carpenter (’08) | Spanish, Education

by   |  01.19.11  |  Education, Foreign Languages

Adrienne Carpenter ('08)B.A. in Spanish for Teacher Certification
High school Spanish teacher, Garland ISD

“The ACU difference is simply the professors. Nowhere else will you find men and women who don’t just care that you receive a phenomenal education, but their No. 1 priority is you – your spiritual, physical and emotional health.”

Ever since the eighth grade, Adrienne Carpenter felt a desire to lead and educate others. Her experience on mission trips to Mexico with her church youth group gave her a heart for connecting with Hispanic culture and achieving Spanish fluency.

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