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Amber Tate (’09) | Nursing

by   |  02.01.12  |  Nursing

Amber Tate ('09)

B.S. in Nursing
R.N. Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas

As someone who thrives on variety, Amber Tate has found a fitting career as a nurse in the ICU at Baylor University Medical Center.

“I could not do the same thing over and over,” Amber says. “I like the continuing challenge of adapting to new situations. I like the learning opportunities that each patient brings, and how I continue to grow as a nurse and person.” More »

Ashley Del Real (’11) | Nursing

by   |  05.20.11  |  Health Professions, Nursing

Ashley Del RealNursing major
(Lake Villa, Illinois)

When Ashley Del Real thinks of poverty, she thinks of a 2-year-old boy who weighs only 15 pounds, forced to sleep on the ground where bugs bite him nightly. She thinks of a disfigured, malnourished woman living in a tiny house with a leaky roof while her life is being stripped away by cancer.

The images she bears are the result of spending five weeks with Mission Lazarus in Honduras. Her connections with World Wide Witness through ACU opened doors to a different world that holds possibilities for her future.

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Morgan Negaard (’11) | Nursing, National Merit Finalist

by   |  01.20.11  |  Health Professions, Honors, Nursing

Morgan Negaard ('11)

Nursing major, National Merit Finalist
(Abilene, Texas)

When Morgan Negaard thinks of what she misses most about living in Montevideo, Uruguay, two things come immediately to mind: friends and a sense of peace.

Morgan and a few of the other ACU students on the trip made friends with the youth group from the church next door to the ACU house. They would go out and drink maté, a traditional Uruguayan hot tea, talk about anything and everything, and practice using conversational Spanish.

“It was really awesome getting to build intercultural relationships,” she said. She also came to appreciate the humility and caring and connections she found in the church next door.

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