VPG Project 1: Site Plan

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  • Render texture, style and three-dimensionality using an ink process to achieve contrast, shadow and shade
  • Use distinct line weights in drawing to establish depth of view
  • Refine precision and neatness in drawing
  • Develop time management skills

Media: Black ink


Produce ink “texture” drawings on vellum using the provided site plan. These drawings should portray visually developed views enhanced through the use of practiced inking textures, while using a 45-degree and 1/4″ offset shadow technique.


  • Begin by producing a drawing on trace paper. Overlay the trace paper on the site plan drawing and redraw the site plan using appropriate line weights.
  • Experiment with different types of tonal value techniques (hatching, cross-hatching, stippling, etc.). Feel free to overlay multiple sheets of trace to refine your drawing.
  • Once you have decided on the technique for the drawing. Complete a final version on vellum.
  • Create a simple title block, with scale and north arrow. (We will discuss in class.)

Schedule + Deadline:

  • Thurs., Jan 20: Begin project, ¬†Draw first draft of plan on trace paper.
  • Tues., Jan 25: Develop site plan textures, patterns and shadow.
  • Thurs., Jan 27: No Class
  • Tues., Feb 1: Work on final drawing of site plan
  • Thurs., Feb 3: Project due, Critique at beginning of class

Student Examples on Flickr

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