Soap Label Feedback from Holly + Joy

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Feedback from Holly about Soap Labels/Packaging:

Joy said the class wanted to know why we liked the packaging of the soaps we ordered. Good Fortunes was intially the card that grabbed me. The site had several to choose from not being their logo but loved the style ( online it appeared to be letterpress) I chose the grapefruit bar for the scent ultimately and the rubber band cord looked interesting to also liked the flower style on the card. As for the smaller bar – I liked alot of her website and graphics and wanted to see another of her packaging – picked that one for the citrus graphics mostly and the style looked completely different from the card. The goat milk ( Chivas ) was the logo mostly (goat in circle) and they change the color according to scent. That particlur color wasn’t my favorite but the scent won out. Liked the brown background paper. Both are very polished to me partly the paper of both companies has a shine to it. I don’t think I’m drawn to that finish on the paper? Another soap company I came across was – She used a rubberband with her logo on the bar to hold the paper label on – you have to choose a soap to see it on the site. She’s been picked up by whole foods and at the bottom of her home page is a fantastic tub with fun bubbles and blue bird which I thought was delightful her bubbles I think she caries through onto the other packaging. Another thought is the idea of repurposing / recylcing very much appeals to me. Hope that helps.

Feedback from Joy about Soap Labels/Packaging

We both loved the Good Fortune card – the grapefruit, the whole look.  It was maybe a little overboard with information in total, but loved the card.  The small soap seemed overkill to me – but very sleek.  The owner of that company is an artist, graphic design person and it shows.

The Chivas goat bar was very professional and seemed to fit their logo, name and identity reall well – to me.

I’ll bring you another one today which is so underdone.

I like the idea of being able to give it as a gift and having it look good/cute/nice.

Hope that helps.

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