IBD Project 4: Brandmark III

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This project continues the exploration of different types of brandmarks, specifically those that incorporate the brand name in their creation. The challenge, besides designing a visually striking brandmark, is to discern which type of mark is most effective for the client. Please refer to the previous project and/or your text for a description of the different types of brandmarks. Here’s a good online resource with examples of each.


For this assignment, you will develop a brandmark for a fictional US-based luxury accessory retailer. Concurrently, a group of upper-level interior design students are designing the retail store space for the same fictional companies. Please refer to this document (PDF) for more information about the retailer.

Step 1: Each of you will be assigned one of the following potential business names.

  • Chatoyer: Amy, David, Evan and Jennifer
  • Zyro: Brittany, Jenny, Jordan and Ryan
  • N. Morangie: Chase, James, Leeanna, Mallory and Tenchis
  • Bennett’s: Ashley, Aubree, Keith, Philip and Zack
Step 2: Do some research and gather useful information. Following are key competitors:
Step 3: Gather some inspiration (three marks minimum). Submit to the blog at the date specified in the schedule.

Step 4: Start Designing! (You’ve probably already started this by now.) Project requirements are as follows:


  • Inspiration
  • Sketches (15 min. for each mark)
  • Rough comps (one for each mark, black & white)
  • Writing: 1 blog post and 2 comments (see writing requirements)


  • Design two different marks.
  • Each mark must incorporate the brand name.
  • Design both black & white (no mid-tones or gradients) and color versions for each mark.

Final Deliverables

Final Composition:

  • Arrange each mark (both b&w and color versions) on individual black matboards
  • Matboard size (for each mark): 21″ x 12″ (landscape orientation)
  • Place 8″ x 8″ b&w mark on the left and 8″ x 8″ color mark on the right
  • 2″ margin around entire piece, 1″ between b&w and color versions
  • Put your name on the back of each matboard
  • Create a sheet with marks at three different sizes. We will discuss this more later.

Process Documentation:

  • Inspiration posted to the discussion blog.
  • Place photocopies of sketches (15 min. for each mark) in a report binder with your name on it.

Digital Files:

Combine all marks into a single PDF* and upload to the class dropbox in the myACU files system.

*prefix file with your ACU username followed by an underscore (ex: bly95s_brandmark 2.pdf)

Schedule & Deadline

  • Mon., Mar. 5: Introduce project
  • Wed., Mar. 7: Post inspiration to discussion blog. (Make sure to label the type of mark – wordmark, pictorial mark, abstract mark or emblem)
  • Fri., Mar. 9: Work day
  • Mar. 12 – 16: No class (Spring Break)
  • Mon., Mar. 19: Work day
  • Wed., Mar. 21: Rough comps due, Critique
  • Fri., Mar. 23: Color palette selected, Work day
  • Mon., Mar. 26: Final presentation/critique, blog post due by class
  • Wed., Mar. 28: Turn in all deliverables, blog comments due by class

Grading Criteria

Project = 15% of final course grade

Link to grading criteria.

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