IBD Project 6: Brand Identity

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In an effort to create a brand identity beyond the brandmark itself, students will apply color, typography, imagery and graphic elements to reinforce the brand across a variety of media. The goal is to create a consistent visual language for the brand that is infused with meaning and value, and provides unity through multiple applications.


  • Investigate the use of typography, form/symbols and color to communicate meaning and unify the core concept
  • Increase typographic skills (letter spacing, word spacing, leading, scale, proportion, etc.)
  • Evaluate the use of information design
  • Develop design process
  • Refine drawing skills as an integral part of design thinking
  • Increase proficiency of using software to manipulate and integrate type with objects


Step 1: Choose one of the brandmarks you created this semester (projects 2 – 5). You may make small refinements to the mark if necessary, but there is not enough time for redesign.

Step 2: Using the brandmark as your foundation, choose five touchpoints (business card required) from the list below to reinforce the brand identity.

  • Business Card (required)
  • Letterhead
  • Collateral (brochures, special publications, information graphics, etc.)
  • Website (w/favicon)
  • Signage/Environmental Graphics
  • Product Design
  • Packaging
  • Advertising
  • Environments
  • Vehicles
  • Uniforms
  • Ephemera (a.k.a. goodies, swag, stuff)
Step 3: Research and gather inspiration (3 p/touchpoint min.)
Step 4: Design each touchpoint for the brand. If the touchpoint is complex (such as a website), design a representative sample. For example, you may choose to design a splash page and home page for a website). The main point is for you to communicate the brand identity clearly through a variety of media.
Step 5: Design a “Brand Book” that contains the brandmark (both b&w andd color versions) and all of the touchpoints. The Brand Book itself should communicate the brand identity through the use of typography, color, imagery, graphics, etc.

Process Requirements:

  • Sketches: 10 min. for each touchpoint
  • Inspiration: Collect visuals for each touchpoint (3 min. for each = 15 min.)
  • Reading: Designing Brand Identity, pgs. 124-171, 182-3

Final Deliverables

Brand Identity Book

  • Format: size and orientation is up to you (8 x 10 min.), color, bound
  • Cover: Include brandmark, can include title if desired
  • Pages:
    • Table of Contents
    • Brandmark w/variations (color, b&w)
    • One page (min.) for each touchpoint (consider a spread for each)
    • Label pages with touchpoint and page number
  • Back cover: include your name, ART 353: Identity and Brand Design, and Spring 2012

Process Documentation:

Neatly organize the following process documents in a report binder with your name on it.

  • Photocopies of sketches (10 min. for each touchpoint)

Digital Files:

Upload PDFs of the brand identity book to the class dropbox on myACU.

Schedule & Deadline

  • Mon., Apr. 16: Project introduced
  • Wed., Apr. 18: Work day – touchpoints
  • Fri., Apr. 20: Post inspiration to the blog
  • Mon. Apr. 23: Workday – touchpoints
  • Wed., Apr. 25: Workday – touchpoints
  • Fri., Apr. 27: Workday – touchpoints
  • Mon., Apr. 30: Critique – have prints of all work ready to pin-up @ beginning of class
  • Wed., May 2: Workday – Brand Book
  • Fri., May 4: Workday – Brand Book
  • Finals Week: Final Presentation/Critique

Grading Criteria

Project = 20% of final course grade

Link to grading criteria

Student Examples:

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