Lab Policy


During the semester, students in this course have access to the drafting room and the computer lab. Following are some general guidelines for the use of these facilities:

  1. Never enter the lab when another professor is teaching without their approval.
  2. While in the lab, respect the rights of others with regard to music, noise, etc.
  3. Clean up after yourself for the next user – these are shared spaces!
  4. Always be careful and alert when entering or exiting the building after dark – protect your purse, backpacks, and/or other possessions.
  5. Do not prop the lab or building entry doors open.
  6. While using the computers, it is strongly encouraged that students save their work often (every 5-10 minutes) and make duplicate copies at the end of each day (one copy on the student’s home folder and another on a portable device such as a flash drive). Store your portable device with care and bring it to every class meeting.