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Dana Tanamachi – Chalk Type

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Great handwritten type from Dana Tanamachi based in Brooklyn, NY. (Click on image or here.) I especially like the time-lapse page – great look at design process!

8 Spruce Street | Gehry Partners | New York City

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8 Spruce Street by Frank Gehry (supposedly)
this is one of the few things of his i don’t really hate (another being the DZ Bank in Berlin) and it’s a skyscraper! double surprise. as with DZ Bank, i think it’s the way he works within certain constraints here that i enjoy.

Frank Gehry’s first skyscraper clad (or “draped”) in stainless steel curtain wall panels. Definitely more interesting as you get closer. Notice the use of any flat planes – including window planes – to reduce complexity (and cost) of the curtain wall.

You can read an article here and see a video about the creation, and coordination, of the curtain wall system.

Kinetic Sculpture @ BMW Museum in Munich

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While I am thinking about kinetic sculpture, here is one a student pointed me to a couple of years ago.

Here is a link to Art+Com’s website with more images of the project.

PVC Beach “Animals”

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Interesting piece on wind-powered kinetic sculptures created by Dutch Artist Theo Jansen.