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Trust the Process

“Trust the Process” By Andy Burns In 2013, the NBA’s Philadelphia 76’ers began a rebuilding process marshalled by a brand new general manager Sam Hinkie.  At first, some questionable moves left some fans feeling uneasy about the future of their beloved “Sixers.” It...
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Unexpected Ministry

Unexpected Ministry by Susan King Stepping on to the floor of my tiny apartment, thoughts of my perceived “ministry” are revealed daily.  Through the haze of less than optimal sleep, seeking coffee heightens my awareness for my newest discoveries.  Initially, I did...
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Student Spotlight: Débora Viana

GST Student Spotlight: Débora Viana     Débora is from  Pernambuco (state), Brazil. She completed an undergraduate degree in IT from UNICAMP and she is now a master’s student at ACU, pursuing both a MA in Theology and a MS in Social Work. Her...
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Alumni Spotlight: Bob Kessler

Meet Bob (pictured with wife, Anne, a current GST student)! Read on to learn more about his time in the GST and how he is using both his masters in psychology and Master of Divinity(M.Div.). What degree(s) did you pursue at ACU and what year did you graduate? I first...
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Students of ACU’s Graduate School of Theology have hearts set on bringing life and redemption to a hurting world.

Our mission is to equip these men and women for effective missional leadership in all its forms and to provide strong academic foundations for theological inquiry.