The Graduate School of Theology is not just a school, it’s a community. We are a community of learners and disciples, curious about our faith and history, committed to becoming the hands and feet of Christ in our world.

While we are not here to give you all the answers or tell you what to do, we are here to teach you how to ask good questions; how to be curious and virtuous in your pursuit of knowledge. We are here to show you the skills of ministry and scholarship, and offer you models of success and mentors to help you in your journey. We want you to learn how to listen and learn from those different from you and with whom you may disagree. Most of all, we want you to take what you learn here, and practically share it through word and action to a hurting world.

The mission of the Graduate School of Theology is to equip men and women for effective missional leadership for ministry in all its forms and to provide strong academic foundations for theological inquiry. It is within this framework that the Graduate School of Theology has set its purposes:

  • to prepare men and women for effective work in a variety of ministry settings;
  • to provide specific ministry skills in the areas of preaching, teaching, worship, missions, pastoral counseling, congregational ministry, youth and family ministry, children’s ministry, church leadership, spiritual formation, and program development;
  • to provide adequate academic foundations to students in the various theological disciplines including textual studies, biblical languages, church history, and historical theology;
  • to provide an academic and interpersonal environment by which the theological disciplines can be integrated one with another as well as with the students’ ministry skills and their personal spiritual development;
  • to equip adequately those students who desire advanced academic work including do

We are ATS (Association of Theological Schools) accredited and located in Abilene, Texas on the campus of Abilene Christian University. We offer a variety of theological master’s degrees in both residential and online capacities:

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