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January Courses

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January Intensive Courses

Opportunities Too Good To Pass UP!

BIBM 640 Pastoral Care for the Grieving, taught by Dr. Virgil Fry, Executive Director of Lifeline Chaplaincy

Major life losses are transformative events.  Bereavement is a word based on the original meaning “to be robbed,” and losing anything precious does generate a sensation of feeling robbed.  Faith communities desire to be supportive to those in grief; yet, they often offer inappropriate or inadequate caring interventions.  Ministers and church leaders feel overwhelmed at the task of providing pastoral support to the bereaved.  This course will address the spiritual, emotional, and psychological realms of grief support, utilizing the narratives from Scripture, current research, cultural influences, and the personal stories of guest presenters, helping us learn to sojourn effectively with each other through the harshness of bereavement.

BIBL 640 Monarch to Messiah, taught by Dr. J.M.M. Roberts, Professor Emeritus, Princeton University.

This course will trace the development of the idea of the kingship of God from Israel’s earliest period, through the rise of the human monarchy, and down to the time of full-blown messianic expectations, exploring the factors that influenced and shaped that development. It will also address the issue of the continuing relevance of this theological strand in contemporary Christian theological reflection. More »

African American Preaching

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Recently, two resources directly related to black preaching were developed in order to serve churches.

  • Black Preachers Archived at Duke Chapel provides audio examples of some of the best of black preaching and is located here. Duke University press release is located here.
  • The African American Lectionary is a resource that provides commentary, cultural aids, and liturgical resources that address particular needs of the African American community. Link

Together, both resources provide an abundance of wealth that will enrich any ministry and sustain healthy practices.

@ see also my bibliography under the sidebar link to resources or sidebar link to articles.