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Carmichael-Walling Lectures

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Please join us fCW2015or the 29th annual Carmichael-Walling Lectures at Abilene Christian University. Lectures are free and open to the public, and will take place in Room 114 of the Onstead-Packer Biblical Studies Building on Thursday, November 12, 2015. For more information, contact Jeff Childers at ACU’s Graduate School of Theology:

Scripture & Women in the Apocalypse: Revelation’s Allusive Text

Dr. Adela Yarbro Collins
4:00 p.m. Intertextuality in the Book of Revelation
7:30 p.m. Women as Symbols in the Book of Revelation

The book of Revelation is rich in both Scriptural allusion and symbolic imagery.  The first lecture will provide an overview and critical assessment of scholarship on intertextuality in Revelation, highlighting the book’s use of Scripture.  The second lecture will consider female symbols in Revelation, particularly focusing on the symbolic woman of Revelation 17 often referred to as “The Whore of Babylon.”

About the Speaker:

Zurich photoDr. Adela Yarbro Collins is Buckingham Professor of New Testament Criticism and Interpretation Emerita, Yale Divinity School. She previously taught at the University of Chicago, the University of Notre Dame, and McCormick Theological Seminary. She has served as President of the Society of New Testament Studies, regional President of the Society of Biblical Literature, and on a number of editorial boards. Her recent publications include King and Messiah as Son of God. Eerdmans, 2008 (co-authored with John J. Collins); Mark: A Commentary. Fortress, 2007; “Rewritten Prophets: The Use of Older Scripture in Revelation,” in Poetik und Intertexualität, ed. Stefan Alkier et al., 2015; and “The Transformation of Paul’s Apocalyptic Ideas in the First Two Centuries,” in Revealed Wisdom, ed. John Ashton, Brill, 2014.


Broom Colloquium

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‘Jamie, The Very Worst Missionary’ to speak

Posted October 07, 2015 Former missionary and popular blogger Jamie Wright will speak at this year’s Broom Colloquium on Oct. 28 and 29, hosted by ACU’s Halbert Institute for Missions.

Wright is perhaps best known for her blog, “Jamie, The Very Worst Missionary,” which she describes as a collection of “inappropriate remarks, embarrassing antics, and generally lame observations from an American missionary.” Through her blog and speaking engagements, she uses humor to honestly describe her life as a missionary and mother, and to discuss Christian culture.

Wright’s topic for the colloquium will be “Missions, Justice and Social Media: Can Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Really Change the World?” She will discuss how students can channel their compassion and social responsibility in the world of social media.

Sessions are scheduled for 11 a.m. Oct. 28 in Moody Coliseum and 7 p.m. Oct. 29 in Hart Auditorium. Both sessions are open to the public.

The colloquium, held annually since 2007, is a campus conversation that encourages the ACU community to relate global issues to God’s mission in the world. It is named in honor of the legacy of Wendell and Betty Broom. Wendell Broom was a longtime missions professor and one of the first Church of Christ missionaries to receive advanced academic training in missiology.

See Wright’s blog: More »

James Thompson

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On Thursday, April 17, the GST hosted a campus reception honoring James Thompson’s 21 year career at ACU. James served 9 years as the GST’s Associate Dean and holds the Onstead Chair for Biblical Studies. He is a loved professor emphasizing Hebrews, Pauline literature, and the relationship between biblical interpretation and preaching. James is well known for his academic writing that serves the church. He has recently written Preaching Paul, Pastoral Ministry according to Paul, and Moral Formation according to Paul. Soon his forthcoming book on Paul’s theology of the church will be published. Many churches have used his books for adult Bible school curriculum, for example, Our Life Together, The Mark of a Christian, Strategy for Survival, The Church in Exile, and Equipped for Change.

James’s love for the church extends also to his service to the University Church of Christ where he has served as an elder for many years. One of his primarily roles for the church is writing the adult Bible school curriculum.

At the reception James was joined by his wife Carolyn, his children Phil and Eleanor, and three of his four grandchildren. Various faculty members honored James with words of appreciation. Thankfully James will continue to work with the GST by teaching 6 hours each year, archival work in the library, and advising MA in NT students. In retirement, James will continue to do what he enjoys most, writing and watching UT basketball. He says, “He is blessed to be able to call work what he most enjoys doing as play.”

Congratulations James!

Ghana Benefit Concert

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Ghana Benefit 2.0(3)

A free Christmas Benefit Concert for Heritage Christian College of Ghana, West Africa will be held in the Chapel on the Hill on December 6th, 2010 beginning at 7pm. This event is being sponsored by United By Faith.  The fund raising goal is $5,000.00 to help Heritage Christian College complete their building program. Many in the ACU Graduate School of Theology community will be participating in the Concert, and everyone is welcome to attend!

This Thursday, April 1st: GST Preview Day Event


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GST PREVIEW EVENT 2010 n106574856040403_8598
April 1, 2010 7:30am – 8:00pm

Come for an in-depth experience of ACU Graduate School of Theology. The GST Preview Event gives you the opportunity to engage ACU’s world of theological graduate education in ways you’ve never imagined. We have an exciting day planned – you do not want to miss it!

You’ll have the opportunity to converse with our world-class scholars, explore cutting-edge contextual education, investigate our academic and transformational degrees, meet current students and much more!

This once-a-year event is designed both for those familiar with ACU and those who are brand new. Times of worship, feasting, and community will book-end your full-day immersion into all things GST.

Who: undergrad juniors and seniors; current ministers, youth ministers, etc. with a completed bachelor’s degree.

Where: BSB, Various Locations, Begins with Breakfast in the Bean.

7:30-8:45 Breakfast in Bean
9:00-10:15  Contexts of Ministry with Stephen Johnson
10:30-11:30 Coffee and Library with Craig Churchill
11:45-1:30  GST Big Picture, Your Picture: Lunch with faculty in the Faculty Commons
1:30-2:45  Connecting Caring Communities Tour
3:00-4:30  Tour of Jacob’s Dream, the Labyrinth, the Quiet Place, and Chapel On The Hill with Childers
4:30-6:00  Break & snack with current students
6:00-8:00  Maundy Thursday service at Chapel on the Hill
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