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Ars Gratia Graffiti?

by   |  08.31.05  |  Current Events

New York pulled the permit for a group that was exhibiting graffiti art on images of subway cars, and the New York Civil Liberties Union objected. A judge sided with the art promoter.

On the Supreme Court nomination process

by   |  08.30.05  |  Current Events

Here’s an Orlando Sentinal columnist’s take on upcoming hearings for Supreme Court nominee John Roberts. More »

The interesting thing about Justice Scalia…

by   |  08.30.05  |  Current Events

… is that the things he says that bother some, hearten others. Today he criticized the concept of a ‘living Constitution.’

He also lamented the recent role courts have played in settling moral arguments. Read the whole thing. More »

It’s good to have some limits…

by   |  08.29.05  |  Current Events

According to this story from the Daily Mail, More »

Justin wins libel case to match Cameron

by   |  08.24.05  |  Current Events

Another American wins in British court:

Britain’s News of the World has agreed to pay an undisclosed sum to wardrobe malfunctioner Justin Timberlake for saying he was having an affair – cheating on Cameron Diaz. More »

Campus Crusaders

by   |  08.23.05  |  Current Events

If you’re interested in doing research on speech restrictions on college campuses, the Freedom Forum has a good post on FIRE, an organization that challenges many restrictions on public college campuses. More »

Can Pat Robertson really say that?

by   |  08.23.05  |  Current Events

Pat Robertson offers a unique suggestion regarding differences with the Venezuelan government. Venezuela wonders what’s the U.S. government going to do about it? More »

Sister Furong: Threat or Menace

by   |  08.23.05  |  Current Events

We discussed free speech in China today in Comm Law, and here is an example of China regulating something that falls outside the – um – traditional areas of Internet regulation. Apparently Sister Furong disturbs some people in the party heirarchy.

Feinstein tips hand on Roberts questioning

by   |  08.22.05  |  Current Events

The hearings over President Bush’s nomination of John Roberts for the U.S. Supreme Court will be important to us as we work to understand how the SCOTUS functions and how members are selected. AP reports Diane Feinstein says she’ll question him over his abortion views.

Meanwhile, as a White House counsel under President Reagan in 1981, he counseled the woman he would replace not to answer such specific questions. More »

Is this treason in America?

by   |  08.18.05  |  Current Events

Blogger Instapundit links to The Volokh Conspiracy which links to a speech by a member of Britain’s parliament essentially calling on Arabs to fight against non-Arabs now occupying the Middle East in some form or fashion. More »