Research Paper Evaluation Criteria


1. Research: Does the paper reveal the student explored the necessary, relevant literature? Does student use a sufficient number of primary and total sources?

2. Outline and Structure: Is an outline obvious in the text? Is the presentation and structure logical in the paper’s progression?

3. Student’s Thesis: Is the thesis or purpose of the student stated clearly? Is the subject well defined and properly focused, revealing thoughtful analysis? Is thesis or purpose adequately supported?

4. Unity/Cohesion: Does paper read logically and smoothly, including a strong introduction and conclusion? Is unity enhanced with skillful transitions? Does paper show first draft symptoms?

5. Originality: Does paper reveal original thinking, or is it a mere bead stringing of others thoughts? Any plagiarism in paper?* Is style creative, fresh, cliché-free? Are allusions and metaphors used?

6. Clarity: Is the writing clear? Do sentences, paragraphs and sections possess the virtue of clarity? Or must evaluator read between the lines to understand writer?

7. Accuracy: Does paper include any inaccuracies in the use of fact or implication? Is the paper thorough or skimpy?

8. Format and Style: Are pages properly typed? Are justified margins avoided? Are quotes of four lines or more single spaced and indented?

9. Attribution/Footnotes: Is attribution used appropriately? Is paper profusely verified with attribution? Are information notes effectively used?**

10. Spelling, Etc.: Did student use correct grammar, spelling,* syntax and punctuation; use AP Stylebook and Webster’s New World Dictionary? Was first person avoided?

11. Prospectus: Did student complete an appropriate prospectus by deadline?

*Four spelling errors will cause grade of 64 or lower.

**Information notes are used to include material that would interrupt the logical discourse about the subject.