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Libel and Leprechauns?

by   |  06.24.06  |  Current Events

I need to look further into this. A year or so ago the English courts made an effort to curb libel forum-shopping. Ireland apparently isn’t concerned about it, yet. More »

Papers refuse to hold story

by   |  06.23.06  |  Current Events

We’ll discuss this early on in class. The subject matter makes for a good test question. More »

FCC starts ownership rule review

by   |  06.22.06  |  Current Events

Media ownership regulation is probably the area most in flux in communication law these days. More »

British publication loses libel case to celeb chef

by   |  06.21.06  |  Current Events

It’s always a good exercise to look at these cases and ponder how they would have been decided under American law. More »

Libel in Cape Cod

by   |  06.21.06  |  Current Events

True crime novels can be a breeding ground for libel accusations. Here’s one from Cape Cod.

Student speech cut short

by   |  06.21.06  |  Current Events

A Nevada school cut the microphone when a valedictorian started speaking about God in graduation. This situation is on the edge of the free exercise, establishment and free speech frontier. More »

Paramount suing over 9/11 flick

by   |  06.21.06  |  Current Events

The Smoking Gun often has some good copyright stuff. This includes the filings. More »

"Fair Report" Privilege in the Permian Basin

by   |  06.16.06  |  Current Events

The 11th Court of Appeals has dismissed a lawsuit Thursday against KWES-TV, the Odessa American and OA staff writer David J. Lee. The TV station and the newspaper reasonably relied on the police press release that they had arrested a sex offender who turned out not to be a sex offender. More »

"There’s always some other business model…"

by   |  06.15.06  |  Current Events

Law professor Eugene Volokh offers a pretty impressive and reasoned defense of intellectual property on his blog this week. More »

Prior restraint in England

by   |  06.15.06  |  Current Events

You’d think folks on both sides of the pond would tire of “titillating tell-alls” about the Prince of Wales and the rest of Britain’s royal family, but a former secretary is touting her tales of shenanigans within the House of Winsor.

However, Prince Charles’ lawyers are seeking to stop the book before it hits the racks. People reading these stories may end up believing the Prince is weird or something. More »