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‘Apostles’ Ordered to Abide by Zoning Laws

by   |  11.29.06  |  Current Events

Is this a freedom of religion case? I don’t think so. More »

Gingrich: Free Speech Should Be Curtailed To Fight Terrorism

by   |  11.29.06  |  First Amendment, Free Speech

Newt Gingrich is starting to sound lot like John McCain: “The First Amendment is all well and good, but…” More »

Chewy Vuitton wins case filed by Louis Vuitton

by   |  11.29.06  |  Current Events

The new dilution law was applied here.

Judge Bars Newspaper Consolidation

by   |  11.29.06  |  Media Ownership

San Francisco Chronicle apparently hopes to cooperate with rivals on sales and distribution. More »

SCOTUS rules against Times

by   |  11.27.06  |  Newsgathering

Free speech is for hated speech

by   |  11.27.06  |  Free Speech

I can’t defend the “n-word.” I can’t defend the “f-word.” I can’t defend the “u-word.” (You’re thinking hard, aren’t you.) However, they are just words – tools to express ideas. More »

Internet justice?

by   |  11.27.06  |  Internet speech

What are the legal implications of this? I couldn’t write a better test question. More »

Here’s the latest libel news

by   |  11.25.06  |  Current Events

Tiger Wood’s wife sues. More »

Open Meetings Act upheld as constitutional

by   |  11.25.06  |  Newsgathering

Belgium newspapers, Google clash in copyright case

by   |  11.25.06  |  Copyright and Trademark

Google has issues in Belgium. More »