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More on regulation of violence

by   |  04.30.07  |  FCC, Violence

Hugh Grant wins newspaper libel case

by   |  04.30.07  |  Libel

Did Dateline Push Cho Too Far

by   |  04.29.07  |  Current Events

Movie rating system considered Valenti’s greatest legacy

by   |  04.26.07  |  Current Events

Supreme Court hears challenge over campaign advertising restrictions

by   |  04.25.07  |  Current Events

Everyone should know the name of this campaign finance law. More »

Judge: Keep Religion Out of Post Offices Run By Churches, Contractors

by   |  04.25.07  |  Current Events

We won’t get to discuss freedom of religion much in class, but this story has an interesting twist on the topic. More »

FCC Seeks To Rein In Violent TV Shows

by   |  04.24.07  |  Current Events

Let’s talk about this in class Thursday. More »

Hate Crimes Law Could Muzzle Free Speech, Critics Fear

by   |  04.23.07  |  Current Events

J-Lo Sues Enquirer for Libel in Europe

by   |  04.23.07  |  Current Events

Why would J-Lo sue in Europe? Sounds like a good quiz question… More »

SCOTUS hears arguments over high school recruiting

by   |  04.23.07  |  Current Events

Is recruiting for high school football teams free speech? More »